Bloomington Lake, Mid 1950's

This picture of Bloomington Lake was taken in the mid 1950's by Fish Haven's Eldon Kearl.  It was quite a climb up the mountain to get this shot!  Our special thanks to Eldon for providing this photograph.

Eldon's brother Al had more to say about Bloomington Lake:  "Eldon's photo of  Bloomington Lakes brings back good memories.  Sometime in the summer of 1947 a friend and I  took a small group of Boy Scouts up to the lake for an overnight camping  visit.  We pitched our tents right at the tip of the lake as seen in Eldon's photo.  The slanting cliffs on the far side of the lake  made a good place from which to dive into the lake.  One could pick the height that he had the courage to dive from.  As I remember I only made it about half way up.  It was very refreshing to swim in, as there was a large snow bank  feeding the lake.

Bloomington Lake - Mid 1950's
Photographer: Eldon Kearl - Location: Above Bloomington Lake, Bloomington Idaho - Date: Mid 1950's



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