Old Folks Party
Update!!  Lucille Hulme Smart kindly mailed us with not only more information, but a much better quality photo!  She writes "It was a thrill to see your website featuring Bloomington, Idaho, the land of my birth.  I enjoy each picture that you have featured and also the background music.

I am the sister of Charles Hulme and remember your grandparents, Avis and William Painter.  I remember when this "unknown picture" was taken at the cultural hall.  It was an Old Folks Party, one of the major community events held each winter.  Rockers were gathered from the homes and provided for the elderly.  Food was prepared and served to the honored guests and the leftovers were returned home for the children to enjoy.  How we looked forward to these activities.

This particular picture was taken sometime between 1932 and 1942.  I think we can determine a more exact time by contactin some of the people in the picture.  For example Margaret Painter is in the picture and I think she is still living in Bloomington.  You migh show her the picture and get her input.

If you do receive the desired names, I would like a copy also.  Thanks again for all you are doing to keep Bloomington alive.

1st Row - Grace Thornock, William Thornock, O.C. Dunford, Anthon Nelson, Mary Tone Nelson, George Bateman, Josephine Rasnussen, Harriet Thompson, Louisa Stevens, Julie Welker, Mary Patterson, Mrs. Hayward, Howard Broomhead.

2nd Row - Nellie Hart, Eugene Hard, David Krogue, Thomas Ward, David E. Roberts, Herbert Bateman, Vin Hansen, Mary Hansen, Julie Nelson, Heber Nelson, Lizzie Nelson, Harry Quinton, Mary Ann Quinton, Nellie Jacobsen, Minnie Jarvis, Emily Rich.

3rd Row - Ivy Krogue, Nels Krogue, Thomas Reese, Abram Christensen, Gertrude Christensen, Carrie Briscoe, Fred Briscoe, James Dunford, Ida Thonock, Alfred Hart, Sarah Hart, Elizabeth Price, Joseph Price, Ella Hill, Mary Ann Payne, Inger Thornock, Burton Thomas, Mary Jane Broomhead.

Back - Frank Payne, Hyrum Thompson.

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Bloomington Photo - Unknown
Photographer: Unknown - Location: Bloomington Idaho - Date: ????



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