Fish Haven Sunrise
The following was sent in by Al Kearl, who grew up in Fish Haven.  Our special thanks to Al for sharing!

"I enjoyed  your recent photo taken on  a hill near Fish Haven. It seems to have been taken on the Red Hill just above the town.  This was one of the favorite sledding hills for all the kids in town.  One could slide all the way down the hill to John Jensens' barn yard and, if the gates were open, out on the highway.  In the late 1930s a motorcycle club would hold "Hill Climbs" on the steep west side of the hill.  Very few were able to make it over the top.  This was a major event on the 4th of July at Fish Haven.  I used to get so excited when the bikers were in town.  We would watch their attempts from the canyon road.

The top of the hill was also  great place to watch the full moon rise over the lake. I'm sure you could obtain some spectacular shots with the cameras available now days. Our old box camera wasn't able the capture the full beauty of the moment.

I  look forward to seeing your additions to the website."

Fish Haven Sunrise
Photographer: Michael L. Jex - Location: Fish Haven, Idaho - Date: 05 Feb 2004


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